ISO 50001 Standard

ISO 50001 Standard: 2018 “Energy Management Systems – Requirements and Guidelines for Use” is the international standard for the organization of Systems and Processes aimed at improving Energy Efficiency.


Energy consumption needs to be managed efficiently: this requires a systematic control of the energy use, which can allow already in a short time an important reduction in business costs, as well as ensuring a valuable contribution to the protection of the environment.


The ISO 50001 Standard is based on a PDCA approach (Plan-Do-Check-Act): the implementation of correct energy policies characterized by concrete objectives, with the aim of continuous improvement.

The ISO 50001 Standard has the primary objective of allowing companies to improve their energy performance, aimed at obtaining economic benefits resulting from lower energy consumption, and the community to reduce CO2 emissions.

The ISO 50001 Standard allows to comply with the Decree 102/2014 implementing the Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency, which introduced the obligation, for large companies and for companies with high energy consumption, to carry out an energy audit on all production sites located in the national territory.

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Why Trigenia?
Why Trigenia?

The activity of Trigenia, for the implementation of an Energy Management System, is always characterized by a close collaboration with the customer, oriented to development and growth.

Trigenia helps the energy company during all the necessary phases: from the definition of objectives to the energy monitoring plan. Moreover, thanks to its Energy Team, Trigenia is able to guarantee certification activities with high added value, in the field of sustainable development.


In this way, the company will have more benefits:


Energy savings

  • monitor and reduce energy needs with energy savings ranging from 5 to 15%

Green Marketing

  • developer environmental reputation credibly and strengthening accountability


  • Increase score and facilitation of access to public funding calls for energy efficiency
Case History
ISO 50001 Standard

ISO 50001 Standard

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