The partner that accompanies your business in the energy and digital transition.


Trigenia is an Energy Service Company that successfully helps companies in the energy and digital transition.

With a multidisciplinary approach, Trigenia is able to develop customized solutions for each company, realizing highly innovative and financially sustainable actions, through the implementation of integrated solutions and new digital technologies.

The Business Units

Digital Area

Thanks to its experience, Trigenia helps companies digital and edge solutions, supporting them in a continuous growth and innovation that can generate value.

Trigenia empowering digital transition.

The Business Units

Energy Area

Trigenia is an Energy Service Company that helps industries in every
step of the energy transition, and in managing the challenges of sustainability and reduction of environmental impacts.

Through continuous listening and understanding, Trigenia is able to provide really concrete solutions to bring a company to new horizons, making their transformation spectacular.

More energy for tomorrow.

The Business Units

Area Finance

Trigenia, as a consultant in the field of Public Finance, drives its customers to the financial resources provided by the programs promoted by regional, national and European institutions, including contributions, tax deductions and other facilities that allow companies to realize their projects.

Trigenia works with managers providing an information, technical and financial service for the management of PNRR projects.

Partner for your future.


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Energy efficiency certificates obtained

Energy monitoring software installed

Million in grants from public institutions

Tons of CO2 saved

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