Solutions for Energy Efficiency

Trigenia offers energy efficiency solutions according to the individual needs of its interlocutors, taking care of every aspect: from the feasibility study to the design and commissioning of the system, to the request for subsidies to finance the path undertaken.

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Feasibility study

The objective of the feasibility study carried out by Trigenia is not limited only to identifying potential projects, but also to giving substance to a pre-identified project, providing all the elements necessary for the start of the implementation phase.

Through the feasibility study, Trigenia is able to indicate the expected benefits, estimate the plant and operating costs, identify and evaluate the risks deriving from the installation of the project.

In order to identify the most suitable solutions, Trigenia proceeds with the analysis of the main operating parameters of the process subject to intervention, carrying out a preliminary sizing of the system. The verification of the availability of the most effective, reliable and suitable systems for installation is then started.

Finally, Trigenia, on the basis of the design analysis carried out, proceeds with the technical-economic elaboration and the respective preliminary design of the intervention, with the aim of identifying the best solution for the client, based on an evaluation of the project based on on the measurement and direct and indirect equalization of all costs and benefits deriving from the installation of the system.

Routes suitable for all needs:

Based on the feasibility analysis previously carried out, Trigenia offers three options.

Trigenia shares the savings obtained for the entire duration of the contract, at the end of which the companies have the possibility to redeem the installed photovoltaic system. By choosing this formula, companies do not pay advances and financial resources are not immobilized.


    Trigenia designs and builds the plant defined by the feasibility study, dealing with the entire process: design, management of bureaucratic and financial procedures, installation and commissioning of the plant and its maintenance. With Trigenia, the Companies communicate with a single interlocutor who is responsible for following all the design, construction and maintenance phases of the project


    Trigenia offers the client company the possibility, through collaboration with a leasing partner company, to make an operational rental of the plant. This is an alternative formula to the purchase which however allows, upon payment of a completely deductible fixed monthly fee, to acquire the plant for a specific period of time, at the end of which the companies have the possibility to redeem it. The advantages of opting for an operational rental are for the customer to have a customizable solution able to perfectly match the specific energy consumption needs. The savings obtained thanks to this solution also allows companies to repay the annual rent invested without the need to pay advances and immobilize financial resources.


    The energy performance contract is a contractual agreement between the beneficiary and the supplier, in this case an ESCo (Energy Service Company), which manages and controls the plants, guaranteeing the customer significant savings compared to its historical energy consumption. The characterizing element of the EPC contract, compared to other supply contracts, is the sharing with the customer of the need to save and offer solutions for improving the energy efficiency of the systems. It provides that the investments made and the services are remunerated according to the level of efficiency improvement established contractually.


    Trigenia helps to maximize investments by finding the most suitable solution for all customer needs. With Trigenia, companies interact with a single interlocutor who accompanies and supports them in all the planning and incentive request phases from the initial stage through the preparation of all the necessary documentation. Once the loan has been awarded, Trigenia carries out the project, offering a series of services aimed at maintaining and optimizing the photovoltaic system that help companies reduce the energy costs and CO2 emissions of their plants.

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