ISO 50001 Standard

Company : Wine

Description: The company is one of the most modern industrial companies in the Italian wine sector. Quality wine, made with respect for tradition.

Service: ISO 50001 Standard

Objective: Update and revision of the procedure to conform to the new version of ISO 50001




The historic winery of Cuneo stands out for its sustainable production.

Since 1993 the company has invested in its roots, joining tradition and innovation. In recent years it has chosen to take a path aimed at saving energy, and respecting the territory in which it operates.

The company has requested the support of ┬áTrigenia, sharing the most difficult challenge: identifying and managing the main “critical points” of energy consumption and transforming them into strengths in terms of energy efficiency.

In addition to the introduction of energy monitoring software, the company decided to train its staff to obtain ISO 50001 Standard, energy saving and waste management.

Case History Carbon Audit


Trigenia supported the company in the update and revision of the procedure to conform to the new version of ISO 50001.

With an energy analysis it was possible to identify the significant energy uses and the related variables of influence, in order to estimate the reference consumption for the future.

Through this, it has been possible to identify priority areas for improvement actions, and critical situations that must be managed in terms of preventive and corrective, and define the Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs).

Defining the EnPIs has allowed the company to keep under control significant energy uses, quickly identifying any drift, and the effectiveness of the actions taken to reduce energy consumption.


In accordance with ISO 50001 Standard, the company has identified possible risks and opportunities through a SWOT analysis, in order to be able to predict potential scenarios and their consequences before they occur and then pursue action plans that could offer potential benefits.

Moreover, together with the planning of new interventions or the purchase of new plants, the company has replaced the use of mineral fuels with a biomass boiler for the production of both heat for heating and for technological use.

Photovoltaic systems have also been installed, and, in addition to energy savings, provide 50% of the energy for business consumption. These systems are monitored with energy monitoring systems that reduce consumption.

In accordance with ISO 50001, the company has defined the company and its context. In particular, internal and external factors have been identified that positively or negatively affect the energy performance and energy management system of the organization. The company also developed a set of rules and related good practices which has been distributed and used by all staff.

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