Trigenia has always believed in the value of environmental sustainability and for this reason has made it one of the founding elements of its core business.

Through its services and projects, Trigenia supports companies in managing the challenges of sustainability and reducing environmental impacts, offering integrated solutions and services for Energy Efficiency and CO2 Reduction. The goal is to enable customer companies to improve their competitiveness in the market, implementing sustainable growth strategies and aligned with EU directives.

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Why Trigenia?
Since 2007, Trigenia has been supporting companies in the sustainability sector, through the definition of true roadmap for energy efficiency and through the release of energy and environmental certifications. This approach makes it possible to guide companies towards the objectives of the 2030 Agenda and the European Green Deal, in order to make them protagonists of the current energy transition.

Trigenia, through its energy advisors,  supports the companies during the energy transition.


Trigenia’s energy advisors shall verify the quantification of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), through the analysis of business activities, the production of the main energy carriers and the assessment of emissions related to the entire value chain of the company.


Trigenia develops high quality projects for the reduction and compensation of CO2 emissions, identifying the critical points of the company and defining reduction targets and the necessary paths to achieve these reductions.


Calculating the business carbon footprint (CCF) is often the starting point when it comes to taking climate action. It gives  an overview of the company’s greenhouse gas emissions, where carbon hotspots are located, and what goals the business can set to reduce climate impact.

Trigenia is here to help calculate and understand how to take more ambitious climate measures, for obtain the CCF certification, measurable and with technical bases-to achieve and communicate specific emission reduction targets.


An LCA study is a thorough examination of the product system, in order to assess all the environmental impacts directly and indirectly associated, during the life cycle company. Life cycle analysis is a very complex study that requires, however, the use of software and specific skills.

Trigenia’s energy team can helps the company through the phases of gap analysis and critical review concurrent with the study, ensuring compliance with regulations and a high quality of work.


The sustainability report allows organizations to correctly report and communicate all achieved goals and certified data on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance performance.

Trigenia helps customers in the drafting of the «Environment» chapter of the sustainability report

Case History
Sustainability Roadmap

Sustainability Roadmap

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