Cloven is a digital energy monitoring solution for Energy Managers.

The SCADA System allows to capture and analyse energy consumption and production data, by identifying the most significant energy uses to reduce costs of energy utility bills and emissions of CO2.

Intuitive, Sustainable, Smart

Over time, Cloven is able to expand in terms of functionality and measurement point, thanks to a modular structure and different levels of consultation.

The suite of system’s integrated communication enables to collect and analyse data from any instrument without requiring additional hardware.

Every single detail can be customised based on company’ interests; In addition, it’s possible to combined, on a single platform, data from different plants and provide a benchmark between sites.

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Why Trigenia?
A positive impact on the environment and creating value for the company and its stakeholders are no longer options.

Cloven is the software able to support companies to achieve these goals.

Trigenia helps companies throughout energy e digital transition: from the analysis of plant’s energy flows, it’s possible to identify significant areas where a precise measures can be taken. Trigenia helps companies step by step: from the design of the system architecture, through support for installation and configuration of measurement range, to development and release of platform. Thanks to experience and skills of Trigenia’s engineers, it’s possible to have a continuous support service for analysis and interpretation of information collected and processed by Cloven.

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