A unique opportunity for comparison between companies, economic partners and Public Administration.

Connext is the national industrial partnership meeting of Confindustria, organized to strengthen the business ecosystem in a dimension of horizontal and vertical integration, contamination with the world of startups and growth of production chains.

Trigenia, together with partner BT Digital Automation s.r.l , will be present with other Italian companies to give concrete support for their sustainable, digital and competitive development of the Italian territory, through the meeting strategic partnerships with the main players in the sector.

Connext 2021 networks the Confindustria network to help address the challenges of change dictated by the Covid emergency.

Trigenia through its core business focused on accompanying companies towards the energy, digital and financial transition, it is positioned among the companies able to design the future scenarios of “doing business” and elaborate customized project proposals, that respond to specific needs of the national productive fabric, opening it to comparison and collaboration with the main public and private actors of the socio-economic, industrial and innovation transition.

The spread of efficient systems and their integration in the new market paradigm will be an opportunity to collaborate in efficiently managing the green transition and expanding the production chain to all the links in the value chain.