Sustainability and innovation

Environmental sustainability and innovation are the main challenges of the Italian agroindustry, a sector in continuous growth and expansion.

The introduction of new technologies that allow a more prudent use of resources in agriculture has emerged as a key factor not only for the economic growth of the sector, but also in a broader perspective of sustainability.

Trigenia has supported and supports companies belonging to the agroindustry sector, who want to innovate and make their production process more efficient, supporting them in the management and request of incentives and facilitations for the realization of projects.

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Trigenia supports companies in the procedure of access to national or European incentives, aimed at transformation, marketing and development of agricultural products of agroindustrial companies with the aim of improving their performance,

in a logic of integration with the sector in order to improve the competitiveness.

Trigenia carries out an investment analysis by developing a matrix of incentives and proceeds to process the demand, through the drafting of technical analysis related to innovation, energy efficiency and renewable sources.


In addition, Trigenia relieves companies of complicated administrative paperwork by taking charge of communication and dialogue with regional officials and all bureaucratic issues arising from the submission of the application, in order to obtain the concession for the realization of the project.



The relationship of collaboration and transparency between Trigenia and companies means that the projects subject to the contribution allow an investment recovery up to 40% of the costs incurred.

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