Trigenia helps companies to find the financial solutions that best meet the needs of companies, with customized and targeted solutions that allow to realize even the most complex projects of sustainability and energy efficiency.


Companies that rely on Trigenia obtain important facilitations for internalization and innovation through National Calls that allow access to grants for projects related to innovation, energy efficiency and renewable sources.

In order to ensure access to tenders, Trigenia analyses investments by first developing the incentive matrix.

After a thorough analysis, it proceeds with the submission of the application on regional, national or related to the measures taken by the PNRR, through direct analysis of technical analysis related to innovation, energy efficiency and renewable sources.

The constant work of Trigenia, ensures that companies have access to the provision of subsidized financing, grants or tax credit for the implementation of the required projects, in order to make the production process more efficient, to improve the competitiveness of businesses in the market, including from an energy perspective.

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