Company : Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry

Description : The company is one of the most recognized on the international market in the production of semiconductors and deals with the design of systems for power electronics

Service : iClab

Objective : Monitoring and saving energy consumption 


The company sees multiple fields of application, from the more classic and mature ones to the new applications of higher technology in the automotive field, in alternative energies, in the medical world, and in many other markets where technology and innovation are strategic components.

Recognized worldwide, it sees an attention, also in its production system, to the theme of sustainability and energy efficiency.

Trigenia has been of support through the installation of an energy monitoring software going to respond to the objective set by the company in terms of cost optimization and results.

Case History Carbon Audit


Initially, the system developed by Trigenia, has set itself the goal of collecting data from energy production plants in order to optimize their operation.

After a first and fundamental part of digitizing the data from the field, they were integrated on the software of the algorithms of AI to predict the consumption of the factory for the days to come.

Thanks to the forecast, the system allows the operator to manage the systems in an optimal way with the aim of avoiding the dissipation of thermal energy and refrigeration and consequently save money.


Thanks to this activity, savings of 17% were achieved on the thermal energy carrier.

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