Trichain is the blockchain platform planned by Trigenia that allows to certify the energy and production chain of your products and increase their purchase through a gamification mechanism based on the token economy.
Case history - certificati bianchi
Why Trigenia?
Trigenia has always invested in a innovative development of products in the field of digital area: blockchain technology is a disruptive innovation in the certification and communication of energy and environmental data, and that’s the reason why Trigenia use it for creation of Trichain, a project with which won the European call “Blockpool” for development of BDLTs technologies.

Trichain’s aim is to highlight efforts made by companies to achieve sustainable and energy efficient production cycles; does this telling consumers about quality and sustainability of products through words and images.

Trichain is an ideal instrument for companies interested to enhance the value of their products through a strategy of certification and green marketing, supported by the energy and digital expertise of Trigenia.