Energy Management Digital Solution

Trigenia helps companies to reduce energy costs through digital solution for Energy Management and environmental sustainability,  with Cloven, the monitoring and control SCADA System, which allows the supervision, in real time of energy consumption and main operating parameters of plants.

Trigenia has developed several features dedicated to the challenges of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

IClab: Module for optimised management and orchestration of energy production plants

This software, developed by Trigenia, makes to optimise the management of energy production systems (first of all cogeneration plants), as well as to verify in real time operating conditions and compliance with requirements for access to incentives.

Through data collection of all plants involved, it is able to orchestrate all energy flows, in a harmonised manner, in order to maximise economic return of investments.

The system integrates models of Artificial Intelligence algorithms to visualization data platform, and makes it possible to forecast future requirements of company and identifies optimal operating pattern, of energy production plants on an hourly base.

I5OCloven: Module for automated management of ISO 50001

The mission of this software is to make, as automatic as possible, data analysis necessary to support companies during energy management system certification.

Through his experience, Trigenia has developed a module that allows to collect data to process information useful to the Energy Team, in an intuitive and simple way.

Solar Cloven: Module for the supervision and performance analysis of photovoltaic plants.


The mission of this module is to monitor performance of photovoltaic plants over time, providing for production of electricity from plant, based on weather data and implant performance, diagnosing any inefficiencies in a preventive manner.

The tool also aims to optimize performance between what is expected and what is actually produced by plant.

Green Cloven: Module to support a path of sustainability

 Trigenia, through dedicated dashboards, is able to provide a valid digital tool that can helps the management, with a sustainability raodmap, collecting and processing information necessary to monitor environmental KPIs for construction of sustainability targets.

It’s also possible to create interfaces for benchmarking, between several production sites and for drawing up an emission balance according to GRI standards.

Trichain: Blockchain at the service of sustainability and energy efficiency

Trichain is the blockchain platform planned by Trigenia that allows to certify the energy and production chain of your products and increase their purchase through a gamification mechanism based on the token economy.