Energy Audit

Identification of interventions and projects for energy performance improvement

Riduzione Costi energetici

A necessary analysis to optimize energy consumption

How it works

The energy represent the state of the art analysis and leads to the identification of interventions and projects for the energy efficiency improvement. Furthermore, the analysis allows the sensitization of the company through the most efficient practices and the certified guidelines for the correct management of energy.

Operative steps

Evaluation of energy consumption (electricity and fuels), study of the reports and analyses already owned by the Customer
Technical site surveys with focus on production processes and auxiliary services (lighting systems, electric drives, heating plant, refrigeration plant, etc.)
Energy analysis aimed to identify of energy wastes and non-optimal management of existing plants
Perform an energy breakdown
Definition of the energy saving measures: assessment of the most efficient system solutions for the reduction of operating costs and technical-economic evaluation of expected savings
Final report with results coming from the energy audit


Awareness of the consumptions related to the different departments in the production process
Business plan definition containing the identified savings measures that allows an energy consumption reduction and promotes energy efficiency in production processes

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