Energy Audit

Company: Tannery

Description: Leading company in the preparation and leather manufacturing

Service: Energy Audit

Objective: Trigenia supported company from the Energy Audit of the site to the achievement of the global targets of decarbonisation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Trigenia supported the company, always characterized by a strong spirit of innovation and a constant attention to sustainability, along the path of energy development and cost optimization.

Case History Carbon Audit
First the energy mapping of the plant was carried out, with the survey of the main users (electrical and thermal) and with the analysis of the current management methods of the plants.

Trigenia following analysed the total electrical and thermal consumption of the plant by means of the material supplied by the customer. These elements made it possible to prepare the energy balance of the plant.

In particular, the model developed for electricity has returned a degree of accuracy equal to 96% of total plant consumption. For natural gas, however, the degree of accuracy returned was equal to 100% of total consumption.

Finally, the operational energy saving measures have been evaluated, and for them an assessment has been provided of the achievable savings, together with a preliminary estimate of the expected return time for the related investments.

Trigenia supported the company along the path of energy efficiency through:

  • Installation of more energy efficient technologies.
  • Optimisation of water consumption.
  • Best Practices.
  • Adoption of photovoltaic and cogeneration systems.
  • Monitoring, Supervision and Control.
Prior to the Trigenia Intervention, the total plant consumption was 282 TOE; with a withdrawal of electricity from the plant network exceeding 50 kW for about 6,000 hours per year.

The natural gas consumption of the plant represented the largest share in terms of primary energy (about 64%). In terms of final energy consumption, natural gas accounted for about 45% of total consumption, while electricity accounted for 55%.

Thanks to the plan proposed by Trigenia, the company has obtained:


  • Saving electricity consumption 148 MWh/year (-14.7%)
  • Estimated fuel savings 108 MWh/year (-7.3%)
  • CO2 emissions reduction 62 TonCO2/year
  • Well water saved 3895 m3/year 1.068 €/year
  • Economic savings 31.300 €/year
With an investment of €142,800 and the intoduction of all the activities proposed by Trigenia, the Company generated a saving of about € 31,300 and a consequent improvement in the performance coefficient of the plant.

The return on investment was estimated within 10 years.

Trigenia supported the tanning industry, to strengthen its leadership at European level and to ensure its place among the main players worldwide through energy efficiency strategies.

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