Company : Heat treatment

Description : The company is one of the most recognized on the market offend necessary heat treatments on specific materials on behalf of third parties. He has also obtained the accreditation necessary to work with aerospace and aeronautical companies around the world.

Service : Cloven

Objective : Monitoring and saving energy consumption  


The Piedmonts’ company, founded in 1959, has based its success on the constant investment in the purchase of innovative systems and in the training of its employees.

All its five divisions are equipped with the latest generation of equipment and furnaces, the result of a policy of major investments in technology and the environment.

The attention to quality and sustainability in production has led the company to request support in the monitoring of energy consumption, finding in Trigenia the solution to meet this challenge.

Case History Carbon Audit


The work of Trigenia is started through an activity aimed at the configuration of the plant monitoring system. Subsequently, multimeters were connected to this system, ensuring the historicization of data useful for energy management activities.

Subsequently, the activity was extended to all five property sites and thanks to the use of energy consumption data, Trigenia was able to perform benchmark analysis between different sites, calculate EnPI and determine the most energy-intensive users


Thanks to this activity a saving of 5% was obtained on the carrier of electricity.

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