White Certificates (TWC)

Customer: Foundry

Description: Leader company in the production of cast iron and steel castings for the machine tool sector for the automotive industry

Service: White Certificates

Objective: Implementation of the savings measurement program; request for access to the White Certificates mechanism and subsequent reporting of savings.


Trust and mutual esteem are the fundamental components of the relationship that since 2017 has bound Trigenia to a leading company in the steel and metallurgy sector.

Founded in 1967 the  foundry has been able to evolve to occupy a role of primary importance in the production of molds for the body shop of the international automotive industry.

Trigenia has supported the company in the process of transformation and change towards more sustainable energy models, sharing the most difficult challenge: identifying and managing the main “critical points” energy consumption of the Company and transform them into strengths in terms of energy efficiency.

Case history - white certificates


Trigenia accompanied the company in the request for White Certificates for the replacement of two melting furnaces for crucible induction cast iron, with a two high efficiency crucible induction melting furnaces (250 Hz).


Trigenia was responsible for the implementation of the savings measurement program, the request for access to the White Certificates mechanism and the subsequent reporting of savings, obtained thanks to the installation of two electrical energy monitoring systems that provide for the detection of:

  • Electricity absorbed by melting furnaces
  • Gross production of melting furnaces


Before the intervention of Trigenia, the energy consumption of the company was high given the very slow melting time of the raw material.

After the replacement of the furnaces, with medium frequency, high efficiency crucible induction melting furnaces, the company recorded:

  • An important energy saving related to the efficiency of the cast iron casting process obtained thanks to the increase in frequency to 250 Hz
  • The possibility of switching off the oven between two separate productions
  • A reduced maintenance period of the molten metal until total emptying by tapping of the furnace



  • Savings of about 300 toe/year of electricity
  • Annual issuance of 1,000 Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE) Type I (Electricity Savings)

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