Industry 4.0

The methodology is one of the Values that Trigenia has. An approach made of constant care, analysis, selection and management of details, able to provide concrete solutions to each investment project.


Trigenia is at the side of companies that decide to start a digital transformation that increases efficiency and productivity, through enabling technologies for business interconnection.
To do this, Trigenia offers its experience in design activities, as a consultant in the field of Public Facilitated Finance, and guarantees some opportunity from all the incentives offered by the Industry 4.0 Plan.

Case History Carbon Audit


Trigenia starts with a careful and accurate preliminary analysis of the investments with the suppliers for the deepening of the requirement 4.0.

Later, Trigenia proceeds with the first subscription of the facilities made available by the Ministry of Economic Development with the aim of facilitating access to credit for small and medium-sized enterprises and increasing the competitiveness of the country’s production system.

The grant is based on the size of the beneficiary company, the type of subsidized goods and the reference rates established by the European Commission and is aimed at supporting investments for the purchase, or the acquisition under lease, machinery, equipment, plant and equipment for productive and hardware use, as well as digital software and technologies.


Finally, the company supported by Trigenia, submits the application for the digital voucher 4.0, a facilitating measure aimed at financing the adoption of digitalization of business processes and a factory system for the interconnection of investments 4.0, obtaining a contribution from 50% to 70% of the costs.


Using the digital voucher, Trigenia develops a system called “SCADA-Cloven” created to implement an Industry 4.0 Factory System, that interconnects the machines to create KPIs useful to the company management to obtain a greater efficiency of the business production processes.
In this way, Trigenia completes the project that will help to improve the efficiency of the production process of the Company, making it more competitive on the market.


Trigenia offers a specialized service and supports the company in the implementation of the project and in all administrative matters (endorsements, timing, accounting) and technical (testing, safety) necessary to obtain the contributions.

Thanks to the experience of Trigenia’s Finance Team, the Company:

  • had access to the required facilities obtaining a contribution from 50 to 70% to finance the implementation of a factory system for interconnection of investments 4.0.
  • obtained Certification 4.0, certificate of compliance with Industry 4.0 requirements, which contributes to increasing its competitiveness in the market.

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