Energy Management

Company : Food

Description : Leader company in the creation and production of creams and chocolates

Service : Energy Management

Objective : Energy management of the Company in order to ensure efficient results and business savings

The company was founded with the aim of producing creams and products for the confectionery industry and for retailers. Over the years the company has developed to become an international benchmark in the industry.

Trigenia has supported the company in the path towards more sustainable energy models, supporting it in the organization and analysis of the existing situation relating to energy systems.

Case History Carbon Audit


Trigenia has identified KPIs of the plant’s energy performance, and analyzed:

  • The relation between the total electricity consumption of the plant and the total production.
  • The variables of plant production and average external temperatures, which have a influence especially in the summer months.
  • Performance Index Analysis: KPIs and EnPI electrical plant.
  • Analysis of natural gas consumption.
  • Thermal performance analysis of the plant.

The Company has been able to count on industry experts who have taken care of the supply of electricity and natural gas, always selecting the best possible risk management model as well as having a purchase management that can guarantee the best prices in the short, medium and long term.


Period October 2020 / January 2021

  • The correlation between electricity consumption and production is solid, with an R2 of 0.73.
  • Improved correlation between electricity consumption and production, equal to 0.83.
  • Stabilization at 50% auto energy consumed by the trigeneration plant.
  • Reduction of the share of the weight of heating compared to the gas consumption attributable to the thermal power plant: from 41 % in 2020, it drops to 27% in 2021.
  • Plant efficiency and thermal performance improvement (-5%).
  • + 53% of the cogenerated thermal energy used by the absorber in the period from January to October 2021.
  • EBITDA of 832,870 in 2021 (+64% compared to 2020).


  • Reduction of energy costs as it can meet 45% of the plant’s electricity demand.
  • Annual issue of 700 Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE).

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