Energy 4.0

We support companies by planning, developing and realizing innovative and digital projects which are capable of increasing the efficiency and productivity of the Companies. All of these activities are pursued by implementing a 4.0 approach and installing high technological digital systems.

The Innovation of the IV industrial revolution


Trigenia offers a 360° professional service, from the preparatory phase of funding requests, to the technical and engineering consultancy regarding digital projects in compliance with the 4.0 Industry Program.

Digital project realization
Our team of high qualified engineers support companies to plan, develop and implement digital and innovative projects, which are able of increasing efficiency and productivity. As matter of fact, Trigenia realizes digital projects by providing companies with technologies which enable the interconnection of their processes.

Public funding
Other than planning activities, our expert advisors provide the suitable certifications, granting the possibilities to benefit of all the incentives available in the 4.0 Industry Plan.


Tax Credit in R&D activities
There is the possibility to benefit from a tax credit up to 50% of the cost incurred for industrial research activities, plan and projects of improvement and development of processes, product and services.

Nuova Sabatini
Obtaining a funding with a 3,575% interest rate to purchase or leasing of digital and technological goods such Tangible and Intagible Assets.

Tax Credit for costs incurred for digital training of employees Possibility to benefit from a tax credit up to 40% for employees costs in digital training projects.

Iper depreciation
Possibility to get a 250% overvaluation on digital tangible immobilization which are in compliance with the Industry 4.0 Program.

Super depreciation
Possibility to get a 140% overvaluation on the purchases of digital software and systems in compliance with the Industry 4.0 Program.


The companies have the opportunity to innovate their activity by following the concept of the Industry 4.0 Program
Achieving the public grants simply and safely.
An unique referent for both technical and administrative aspects

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