Optimal conducting system for cogeneration plants


IClab is the new software proposed by Trigenia and allows to optimize the management of energy production systems, first of all cogeneration plants.
It allows real-time verification of the operating conditions and requirements compliance for the access to incentives (PES index for CAR qualification, calculation of TEE, etc.).
iClab represents in detail instantaneous values of the interested quantities in order to manage the process and to allow the user to investigate the causes of anomalies.

Operative steps

Technical coordination with cogeneration system suppliers for data exchange.
Software development for the calculation of performance indices
Report creation and scheduling for the optimized conduction of the plant
Staff training and user manual release


Performance indices calculation (PES, EUF, etc.)
Check of CAR qualification
Calculation of feasible number of TEE
Reporting for customs agency
Support in economic evaluations


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