Energy Management

An energy efficiency path through the definition and design of the best available solutions

Riduzione Costi energetici

Continuous monitoring of the achieved energy performance and improvement opportunities

How it works

It is a support and training activity dedicated to the Technical Management of the Client for an effective energy management.

Thanks to the Energy Management service, the Client is conducted through an energy efficiency path with the planning of the best methodological and technological solutions. The Energy Management also guarantees a continuous assistance service for the energy performance monitoring of the processes and the maintenance of the Energy Management System according to the ISO 50001 Certification.

Operative steps

Inspection and energy audit with the Client Technical Management.
Review of electricity and fuel supply contracts through a dedicated market analysis
Checking the correctness of the invoices made by electricity and fuel suppliers
Analysis of the process consumption through energy meters
Installazione di analizzatori di rete volti a monitorare costantemente i consumi energetici delle macro aree
Report of the obtained results, to monitor the improvements and to identify new opportunities


Continuous monitoring of energy consumption.
Continuous monitoring of the main energy variables, that affect energy consumption (external temperature, production volume, etc.)
Definition of the main Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI)

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