Thermographic analysis

Identifying preventively anomalies related to equipment malfunctions and thermal losses

Predictive maintenance through thermographic analysis

How it works

A thermal-camera can detect radiation in the long-infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum, infrared radiation is emitted by all objects and its amount increases with temperature; therefore, thermography allows to see variations in temperature.

Trigenia, through thermography inspections, can identify anomalies related to equipment malfunctions and thermal dispersions ensuring the Customer considerable savings in terms of maintenance time and resources: this nondestructive testing technique allows organization to avoid plant downtimes, prevent failures and reduce economic damages.

Work fields


Our service allows to identify overheating due to mechanical friction and sliding, anomalies in electrical resistances, corroded connections or equipment malfunctions.
In addition, our team detects potential short-circuits, checks electrical panels and transformers connections.


Thermal analysis allows to detect possible moisture infiltration, thermal bridges and thinning of the insulating layer of walls and piping. The analysis of piping conditions with thermal camera can identify sediments or corrosions of the materials.

Process and industrial plants

In this field, our team of experts carries out in-depth analyzes of the conditions of pipelines and industrial pipelines in order to identify any sediment or corrosion of the materials. Furthermore, the thermographic analysis allows the functional verification of the refrigeration units, the correct distribution of surface temperature of process components and the identification of faulty photovoltaic cells.


Reducing resources spent in exceptional maintenance work
Reducing time spent in exceptional maintenance work
Prevention of faults and plant downtimes
Nondestructive testing technique

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