Energy Performance Contract

Company savings exceed 30% in 5 years with the Energy Performance Contract approach

Energy Performance Contract

Make energy efficiency with technical, financial and management assistance of Trigenia.

How it works

Energy Performance Contract represents a comprehensive solution whereby Trigenia assists the Customer supplying services as energy audit, design, financing, installation, management and maintenance for an energy saving system.

This approach reduces the technical, technological, financial and management risks related to the Client.

The obtained energy savings allow Trigenia to recover and to remunerate the capital investment, sharing the benefits with the Client.

Operative steps

Technical inspection
Preliminary definition of the project
Share of technical and economical cornerstones with the Customer
Definition of final proposal
Implementation of the operation
Optimized management and savings measurement and verification


Immediate savings of energy, maintenance and emissions
No-cost renovation of the plant
No influence of the intervention on the annual budget
Performance guarantee by Trigenia
Use of top quality products
Monitoring of savings through the Cloven system
Customer becomes the owner of the renewed assets at the end of the contract

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