Monitoring and controlling system dedicated to energy managers


Energy is actually one of the main costs in a company.

Cloven is born from this awareness and consequently it allows companies to control their energy consumption, thus reducing costs in the bill.

Cloven is a real time monitoring and control system that allows the acquisition and supervision of plant’s energy consumption and main operating parameters.
The detailed knowledge of these aspects leads the identification of the critical areas of intervention, maximizing the effectiveness of the savings actions.

Trigenia assists companies in the design and configuration of the measuring field, in software development and release, and finally in the maintenance of the entire system.

Operative steps

System architecture design
Configuration of measuring instruments for energy data acquisition
Software development for the graphic representation of the energy consumption
Staff training and user manual release


EFFECTIVE – profit is produced thanks to the control of energy consumption
SIMPLE - its interface guarantees fluency of use
COMPLETE – it develops an integrated economic with an energy outline
BENEFICIAL- enabling technology for Industry 4.0

Screenshot of the Cloven system

Cloven – to shape what is unknown

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