White Certificate (EEC)

EEC permit to reduce the payback time of investments that reduce companies’ energy consumption
Certificati Bianchi TEE

EEC promote companies to become more energy efficient

how it works

Trigenia is an ESCo accredited on the “energy efficiency system” and therefore it is qualified to request Energy Efficiency Credits (EEC) or White Certificate (WC), financial – economic credits exchangeable on the market. The GME grants (“Gestore Mercati Energetici”) EEC to companies, operating in industrial or civil sectors, proportionally to the energy savings obtained by particular investments that aim to increase energy efficiency. A single certificate correspond to an energy saving of 1 ton of oil equivalent (toe). The toe is a conventional unit extensively used in energy balances, which permits to confront different types of energy sources even though they have different lower heating value.

Trigenia offer its competence and experience to make EEC application for energy efficiency projects already planned by companies and it is available to individuate new energy savings projects that can yield EEC. Economic gains can, therefore, obtained selling credits on the market. Trigenia and the client share these gains.

Operative steps

Technical survey
Energy efficiency project definition
Measurement campaign of the existing system
Sharing with the client of the technical and economic main points of the energy efficiency project to realize
Application to the appointed authorities for the access to the certificate mechanism
Measurement campaign post realization
Application of EEC request to the appointed authorities


Reduction of the payback time ad increase in the competitiveness
More rational energy use with reduction of the environmental impact
Credits are applicable to several energy efficiency type of investments

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